Will Repellents get a Raccoon Out of the Attic?

Repellents work in some cases-but these are rare ones, and primarily those where eviction fluid is used. In some cases, if you apply repellents when you want to get the pregnant Greensboro raccoon from the attic, it will work. Some people say that pregnant raccoon will leave the attic if it becomes very bright and very noisy space-if you put on lights all over the attic and play some loud rock music. Try this method for 3-4 days, and some female raccoons will start to feel that this attic is no longer safe, secluded area for her babies to come, and she will leave. However, in majority of cases this will not be effective and you will still have to call the North Carolina professionals to handle the situation.

There are many different repellents that are advertised (or talked about) as solutions for North Carolina raccoon presence in the attic. There are chemicals such as ammonia, bleach or moth balls-some people have even said that coyotes' urine should drive Greensboro raccoons away as coyotes are their predators.

Other type of repellents are noises, high pitches noise or radio waves that are supposed to "attack" Greensboro raccoons nervous system and irritate them this much they will leave your attic. There is no proof that sound or light repellents work. The Federal Trade Commission has even issued a statement in which they said that neither of these repellents work but they are actually completely ineffective. The idea behind these repellents is that raccoons will be offended by the sound or by the smell and that they will leave. But raccoons are wild animals that will withstand quite a lot to keep their (otherwise) safe home. Attics are large and a bit of smell will simply go away after a day or two, so this is not a big deal for them anyway. Unless you put chemicals all over the attic, play radio waves or intensive music from all the corners of the attic, North Carolina raccoon will simply move to the other part of attic till all this goes away.

More than anything else, as we have already mentioned, all of these repellents are ineffective. Don't simply believe some cheap solutions because they offer money-back guarantee. Or go right ahead and try them all out and find out for yourself. We simply state out the obvious (and unfortunately already proven) that cheap solutions don't work with complex and generally expensive problem. You want to engage Greensboro professionals to combat this problem all consider all the aspects of it. It is always necessary to have in mind that adult female generally indicated presence of Greensboro raccoon babies that also need to be taken care of.

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