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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Greensboro! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Greensboro, NC. In need of a wildlife control company? You've come to the right place - we are just that, and a family run business, and we have over a decade of experience in the wildlife control industry too. Impressed yet? In case you're not, we've also been voted as the Metropolitan area's #1 wildlife control company for three years on the trot. What does that mean for you? It means you're getting a service you can rely on, and that's what we always aim to provide. If you use us, you can be sure that the wildlife will be removed from your property, residential or commercial, and you can also be sure that it won't return. We use our experience, combined with the latest tools and technology, and a 32-point home inspection to identify problem areas - the places that wildlife can gain entrance to your home. Using exclusion traps, or at times, live cage traps, to make sure the animal is removed from your property entirely. We will then use the best materials for the job to seal any holes. At the same time, we can repair any damage caused by the animal, removing all traces it had ever been there, and that can even mean extensive replacement of attic insulation, and complete repair of electrical wiring. Wildlife can be destructive. Give us a call today to make sure wildlife isn't even more of a costly destruction for you. Call us now at 336-308-8066 for your Greensboro wildlife control needs.

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Nuisance wildlife trapping and removal.

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Our Service Range

We service counties such as Alamance County, Caswell County, Davidson County, Davie County, Forsyth County, Guilford County, Montgomery County, Randolph County, Rockingham County, Stokes County, Surry County, and Yadkin County. We service towns like Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Burlington, Thomasville, Asheboro, Kernersville, Lexington, Clemmons, Eden, Reidsville, Graham, Lewisville, Archdale, Mebane, Mount Airy, Summerfield, Alamance, Bermuda Run, Bethania, Biscoe, Boonville, Mocksville, Mount Gilead, Oak Ridge, Ossipee, Pleasant Garden, Candor, Ramseur Randleman, Rural Hall, Saxapahaw, Seagrove, Sedalia, Staley, Stokesdale and more.

Greensboro Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: How to Get Rid of Chipmunks

I know this may be unpopular to many, but Greensboro chipmunks can be a complete nuisance. Yes, people love Alvin and the chipmunks, and equate these cuddly little trouble makers with some kind of kind and considerate animal that is good to have around one's house. The reality is that they are bad to have around your North Carolina home.

The truth is that North Carolina chipmunks are quite destructive little creatures. They burrow and create tunnels all around your property that can do some real damage to your home. Many chipmunk tunnels have destroyed driveways and damaged the foundations of people's homes, and this is why most want to get rid of these creatures. It is perfectly understandable – they are a mess.

The problem with the Greensboro chipmunk is that they can be very difficult to get rid of. Because of them living in the ground most are forced into the option of killing these creatures, but we try to get you into some less lethal options first. There are repellants you can buy to keep chipmunks away. There are some legitimate commercial brands you can buy that blend some chemical compounds that squirrels find annoying, and so they will avoid your property. There are also homemade concoctions that you can make that use jalapeno peppers or hot sauce as the base, and they can have some effect. The problem with any one of these is that North Carolina chipmunks usually only create a few different entry and exit points. If you do not know where these are then your repellants will be useless because they may just dig a tunnel right under where you put the repellant and that is not going to have any effect at all. Even if it is near an opening, they can always create another one, so this is a tough option, and may be a waste of your time.

There are traps you can buy that will work effectively. These allow the North Carolina chipmunks to enter, but once inside the trap they are unable to get out and this keeps your home and property safe. These can be a bit pricey, and there is always the question of what to do with the Greensboro chipmunk once you catch it. You will have to find a place to exile it to, and that requires you to be safe. Chipmunks carry disease and can be quite frantic, so biting is a distinctive possibility.