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Removing Rodents from Barrel Tile Roofs

Barrel tile roofs are an attractive roof style that many people use to complement their homes. The structure of these roofs also provides optimal roosting and nesting spots for Greensboro bats and rodents. If you see a bat or a rodent around your roof, you will need to take action as quickly as possible. These animals have the potential to damage the materials of the roof and can also create quite a mess. They also might carry diseases that could cause a potential health risk. There are a few methods you can use to remove bats and North Carolina rodents from your barrel tile roof.

The reasons why a barrel tile roof is attractive are also the reasons why it can be difficult to remove the Greensboro bats from it. Every tile of the roof may be a home to a rodent or to a bat, and it is hard to remove the North Carolina animals successfully and seal the barrel tile roof since there are hundreds of entry points.

To be able to remove the bats in a humane and legal way, the live bat exclusion should be performed. It involves placing the one way exclusion device on an entry point or on many entry points. The Greensboro animal or the bat is going to exit using the device and they will be prevented from re-entering through a one-way valve or flap. If the bats roost in the tiles and not in the attic, then every ridge is a possible home to a bat. You have to wait until the North Carolina bats immigrate to seal the openings in the tiles. It is hard to seal each tile on the barrel tile roof individually, and the best way is to use a steel cloth on each tile.

Bats and rodents can be quite a nuisance when they decide to roost in a barrel tile roof. As mentioned above, there are proper steps you can take to successfully remove these animals from your North Carolina roof in order to limit the damage they can cause. If you have this type of roof, you should take preventative measures if possible before these animals find their way into your roof. If you find the project too overwhelming or you are not sure if you can handle it, you can call the Greensboro professionals to eliminate the animals from your roof and seal the openings.

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